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Dear Customer,
Since the UK voted to leave the E.U, we have began to work towards a Brexit Transition.

Although little has yet been agreed, it is clear that there are many questions being asked by Exporters, Importers and Forwarders alike.

We are at the forefront of assisting in the Brexit process, and one of our Directors, Richard Catt, has attended meetings at Whitehall and the Treasury on behalf of Agents and BIFA, providing expertise and ideas on the efficient movement of Freight post Brexit.

The British International Freight Association have a section of their website devoted to Brexit, detailing the implications and possible solutions to some key concerns. Click the link on the right to view the detailed information they provide.

Please contact us on or via individual offices on our Contact page if you would like to discuss any issues in further detail.

We hope you find this information useful.


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